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3DXchange5 is a robust, streamlined conversion and editing tool
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iClone 3DXchange Trial is a great utility for conversion along with high end content generator for iClone MovieMaking. With iClone 3DXchange any one can easily convert 3DS and OBJ files to create animated movies from any kind of CD images with iClone. iClone 3DXchange comes up with access to more than 200000 3D models, actually it is not provided by Reallusion, these models are available on Google warehouse, which can be availed an access from the Google warehouse. These models include; Cars, planes, futuristic vehicles, modern architecture, historical buildings, interior design, even fantasy and sci-fi objects such as Star Wars™. One can also share their models and library via joining the 3D warehouse community. iClone 3DXchange is also packed up with various 3D application to improve your imagination and create more. iClone 3DXchange can transform 3DS, OBJ, or SKP files into real-time models for use inside iClone. Reallusion development team is also planning to associate with AutoCad for professional use of iClone 3DXchange. iClone 3DXchange is available for free trial however the cost is bit higher. With iClone 3DXchange one can also import 3D models. With iClone 3DXchange one can animate any model in iClone created with Google™ SketchUp or downloaded from Google™ 3D Warehouse. Its trial version works only for 15 Days n if you want to use it continuously after 15 days then you have to purchase it. This trial version will also disturb you with a trial period reminder splash screen each time you start the application. During the exporting procedure also you will face an advertising window about iClone Software each time. But its trial version is fully working for 15 days just as full version.

Manoj Goel
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  • Free trial available with support
  • Static 3D image can be animated
  • Free access to 3D warehouse of Google
  • Can transform 3DS, OBJ and many other formats
  • Trial version is fully working during trial period


  • Cost too high
  • Too slow in process at times
  • Trial is only for 15 days
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